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SyN - Updated Information by VerminFu SyN - Updated Information by VerminFu
Application 2.0 for SyN.
Raichu Rank, Rogues.

Her past is mysterious, but it is clear that she had been in the Prismatic Jungle for a time, before arriving at Tao. She prides herself on her tactical skills and thievery.
SyN was formed when Nye attempted to steal a gem she'd just stolen herself. She fell victim to his expertly pleading look and was persuaded to work with him. Neither of the two had housing arrangements at the time, so Nye dug them a den on the outskirts of the Creeping Forest and they based their activities from there. Syrren suggested they work under the Rogues, and the two became a team under Devonshire and Gunpowder. Later, Zooka joined them, and Syrren taught the gifted cottonball how to thieve, and often broke up squabbles between Nye and Zooka.
Syrren speaks in relatively formal tones. She is calm and collected, though has been known to snap and get insanely angry. She is a powerful fighter, and her mild perception of the future gives her the tactical advantage in many sitautions.

He loves to eat, he loves to fight, and he rushes into situations without giving them much thought. When caught stealing dinner from PK while wandering through Tao Village one day, he encountered Syrren and tried clumsily to steal from her too. He managed to persuade her to take him under her win and they fled successfully.
Once the two formed the Rogue team SyN, they started working together basically as equals. Nye's hot-headedness and toughness was a perfect foil to Syrren's cool collected plans, and between them they worked well on many missions.
While working a mission to retrieve a stamp that had been stolen from Devonshire, Nye attempted to steal an egg from Shroomsworth and eat it, but to his dismay it hatched. Zooka shielded himself with Syrren, and a new teammate was gained, a new rival for Nye.
The two fought nearly constantly. Nye had the upper hand in these arguments due to the obvious advantage of being able to set Zooka alight, but Syrren usually intervened before anything serious occurred.

Zooka was quite shy and quiet as a Cottonee. He usually resided on Syrren's head, and she mentored him in thievery. His rivalry with Nye, who he hated for trying to eat him as an egg, meant that he often had scortch marks and his scarf (a gift from Syrren) quickly got ragged at the edges.
When Sorbet arrived in the village and turned the weather, Zooka was badly afflicted by a cold. Syrren left him a Sun Stone and left to gather medicinal ingredients for the doctors with Nye.
Upon finding the Sun Stone and touching it, evolving him into a much stronger Whimsicott, Zooka followed after Nye and Syrren. Unfortunately the evolution did not actually cure him of his ailment, merely boost his energy temporarily, and not long after catching up to his teammates he collapsed.
Zooka has always loved sharp objects and will steal them whenever he sees them. This is also the most likely reason he was so attached to Syrren after he hatched. Since evolving into a Whimsicott, Zooka is highly mobile and incredibly fast, using wind currents he manipulates to float and fly. He's a gifted thief and outdoes Syrren easily in stealth and infiltration.

Kyuvi is a big mystery at present. It seems she's Nye's sister, but is she really?

You can see all my teams here, and all their comics, one-shots, missions and stories, here
For more info on them I suggest reading the previous missions, and you can also look at SyN's Tumblr and aske questions there.
I love cameos too! If you want to use them, I don't mind if it's outside my own story canon, go ahead! Send me a link too, I would love to see!

Here's a list of vouchers and evoscrolls SyN's gathered and when.
Accessory Vouchers: M1, M2, M3, M4, M5
Evoscrolls: E2, E3

Participation and major notes:
- Mission One (Hydreigon's Lair)
- Event One (Guild Appreciation Day) collaborated
- Mission Two (Main Mission) retrieving Devonshire's stamp. Failed. Zooka joins as Cottonee
- Event Two (Fireworks Bonanza)
- Mission Three (Side Mission) Imposter's Task: Ransack the Merchant's Stall
- Event Three (The Doctor's Orders) Zooka evolves to Whimsicott
- Mission Four (Main Mission) Steal the Draconicello from Prismatic Jungle. Success (finally)!
- Event Four (Snowflake Gifts)
- Mission Five (Distraction Effort) Distract Sorbet, failed
- Mission Six, Gather food, Success Kyuvi joins SyN

App 1 is here: [link]
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